Those that inspire us


Jiya is an incredibly strong and inspiring lady. She was one of our smile recipients, and is now a smile ambassador for Project Generosity. Jiya suffered severe abuse most of her life. She was sexually assaulted by her father as a child through to her teenage years in India. She then experienced physical and verbal abuse in her first marriage and then further psychological abuse in her second marriage. Jiya attempted to end her life by setting herself on fire. Remarkably she survived and with God’s guidance she is slowly overcoming her past, and using her story to inspire others and give hope. She has gone from strength to strength and has been studying to become a counsellor so she can support others in a professional capacity. It has been a delight getting to know Jiya and anyone who meets her walks away smiling. Thank you for brightening this world with your beautiful soul and kind spirit.

My strength:

God is my only strength. He is the only one who was present when nobody was there by my side. He is and has always been the one who has given me strength to fight the battles of my life. He has cared for me, disciplined me, and provided for me like a good daddy. And He is the only one who will get the credit for every success in my life.


What inspires me?


I find the transformation of a caterpillar to a butterfly really inspirational.

Do u know how a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly?

The caterpillar stuffs itself with a lot of food like 300 times more than its weight. And due to this it gets bloated and then it hangs upside down on a twig and turns into a cocoon. Finally a beautiful butterfly emerges out of the cocoon. That’s just in a nutshell.

I believe that there are times in our life when we feel like a caterpillar; burdened with this heavy load. It seems like life is upside down and we feel that we are stuck in a cocoon. And that’s where the growth game starts! There is this huge transformation that takes place while we are stuck…. we learn so much from our struggles. It makes us stronger and more beautiful, just like a butterfly!

So, I believe that if we allow our struggles to transform us, we can emerge like a beautiful and colorful butterfly

What makes me smile?

I think the thought of God using my story and me to help other women makes me smile. I never understood why I had to go through so much abuse. But now, when I see other women getting inspired by my story, it feels worth it. I think there are several women crying in silence and I just want to let them know that I know it’s difficult! But I also know that you have got what it takes to fight this battle!