A big Thank You to Project Generosity and Nicki for contacting me regarding Baby Baxter’ story and organising this special gift for the Freney family.
Today I delivered the beautiful box full of gifts for Baxter and his mum & dad, that were kindly donated by all of you amazing people. They were very overwhelmed and full of gratitude.
On behalf of the Freney family thank you is not enough, it is people like you who make a wonderful difference in this world.
To see baby Baxter’s eyes fill with excitement was just beautiful to see.
We have all of our fingers and toes crossed for little Baxter xxx

Love Sheree


Jasmine Issa I see the members on our page growing and it makes me so happy.
I was a recipient of one of these amazing smile boxes and to anyone thinking ‘how can all this stuff help’ it does. The most amazing part of receiving my smile box was the overwhelming feeling that so many strangers wanted to help me smile.
Project generosity is an amazing concept… it’s been 7 months since I received my smile box but I still go to it when I’m having a down day and it helps me. So thank you to everyone that donates something be it big or small, it will make a difference.

I love that my little man had such an impact. And I thank you for what you do. You are an amazing selfless person Jasmine Issa and I hope that thousands of people get behind this project.

Love Gina

Hey Jaz,
Thank you for your ongoing efforts in delivering these care packages to those in need of them. This contribution was just a small part to spreading the love and sharing to those in need, but your work in putting together these packages goes beyond that. I’m sure all those that you help truly appreciate your efforts.
Much love



I have so much admiration for this incredibly thoughtful and selfless woman who is the brains behind Project Generosity.
She devotes her time and energy to coordinating Smile Boxes for those who are most need. One box at a time she is making a difference.

Thank you for making this world a better place Jasmine

From Little Boys Blue

To the amazing team at Project Generosity,

Words can not describe how much I appreciate my Smile box your team Project Generosity has put together for me.
It takes someone really special to make you smile with tears in your eyes, tears of Happiness that lit up my face with all the Generosity and Love put into this box😊
Knowing that there are so many beautiful Souls in this world bringing Happiness, Strength, Faith, Hope and Love to myself and to others who are in need of it at a hard moment in our lives, this really brings my heart and soul to smile.❤️🙏🏻
For such a dull moment in hospital cheered up not only Myself but those around me☺️
I Pray for one day when I am well enough I will be able to join your amazing team Project Generosity and donate to those who are in need of a Smile.😊❤️🙏🏻😘
God bless you all Leni 😘😘