The Withers Family


I work with a woman who is amazing but has been going through a hard time for some months now.

Kerrie has three children and a husband, Steve, who has been unwell for a long time. One of her children has Autism. Steve suffered from a brain tumour some time ago. He has a shunt in his head due to drain fluid. He has been susceptible to infections with every brain surgery. He has recently spent a month and a half in hospital in RPA Sydney and she has stayed in Sydney to be by his side. She also attended work as best she can to earn an income. Her children were cared for by her parents who have been and amazing support. While in hospital Steve was subject to 3 brain surgeries.

Finally he has been released and he is attending the brain injury rehab clinic. The trauma of the surgeries affected his left leg and also his speech. Kerrie took 6 weeks off to take him to appointments and support his rehabilitation. While this was happening Kerrie was advised she needs to have a hysterectomy due to her own health needs.

The family live in Canonleigh which is very far (toward Goulburn). The kids have been without their parents full time. The eldest boy, Connor turning 13 has autism and global developmental delay. Two girls Sienna and Charlotte are 9 and 7. Due to parents being out of work this family is struggling financially and obviously emotionally. Also very difficult for the children as they have been seperated from their parents for lengthy periods. Connor loves motor bikes especially crusty demons and wrestling. Both girls love netball and dancing
I would love to nominate this family if possible.

She is such an amazing mum and wife and is grateful for the smallest things.”

Please help us deliver smiles to this family

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