What is a SMILE BOX?

A smile box is a beautifully presented box, filled with generous donations of products, vouchers and services from kind hearted businesses and individuals who want to give those facing a tough time. The boxes provide smiles, support and comfort during turmoil and restore people’s hope that kindness exists. Here is a sample of some of our previous boxes.


What sort of donations do you accept?      

We like to personalise all our boxes to each individual family and individual and aim to obtain “wish lists” of what families may need and things they love and would make them smile. We expect products to be new and excellent condition. Our boxes are of high quality and have the purpose of providing comfort and smiles, without the risk of people feeling like “charity cases”.

Do you accept second hand items? 

We have a strict rule that we only accept new items. We will not accept donations that are second hand even if they are in excellent condition. There are lots of charities that accept these donations, and we want to offer something different. I hope you understand. It is totally acceptable to provide your own items as long as they are brand new and in box.

Why should I support Project Generosity Inc?  

This project exists to make people’s lives a little brighter.  We have had support from both big companies and small emerging businesses as well as individuals. The feedback we have had from our donators has been very positive, as donors know exactly where their donation is going. We do not expect ongoing support or cash donations. It allows people to get involved in a practical way without having to contribute cash.  For those who have been a recipient of one of our boxes, the feedback has been fantastic. They have felt loved and supported during a very difficult time. Even a heart felt written note will go a long way. If you can’t provide a donation that’s ok too. Simply spreading the word is the biggest help. Someone you know may know someone who knows someone who just may be able to help. You never know!