Cathy’s family

It is such a pleasure to create a smile box for this family, but their story really pulls at heart strings. Please dig deep and join me in creating a fabulous box filled with comfort, support and love. If you would like to donate a product or service please contact me. NB: Nathan was known to hoard, so Cathy is trying to keep their home clutter free. We would love donations that are practical and useful. Services to pamper mum would be a bonus. They would need to be in the Richmond area.
please tag anyone you think would like to help us out. This is their syory:
Nathan Allen tragically took his own life at his property on the 27th of November in Clybucca NSW. Nathan’s wife Cathy and her 4 children (Jacob 7, Aiden 6, Jessica 4, and Emily 11weeks) have been left devastated as they face The rest of their lives without him as well as the possibility of loosing everything they have. Nathan wanted nothing but the best for his family so he moved them from a 3 bedroom home in North Richmond to a 5 bedroom home on 100 acres in Clybucca where his children could have the fun and free life he always wanted for them. Being between Clybucca and Londonderry (where Cathy is living with her family) has caused allot of instability and confusion for the kids. Cathy is doing it extremely tough as she is grieving the loss of her partner and the father of her small children. She is trying to raise this young family and be strong for them, while also facing excessive finsncial burdens. I believe the smile box will give them a small window of happiness during a difficult time, as well as some hope as they go through this turmoil.

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