Brave boy with life threatening illness

a 3 year old boy has a condition called giant congenital nevus
Aside from the cosmetic appearance these can be quite dangerous because they can turn cancerous and very dangerous when on a persons head as they cause symptoms like epilepsy and even brain tumors. This boy has already undergone many surgeries in just 3 years. When he was born the doctors did not think he would make it, but he’s a fighter and has the most amazing parents. Sadly the doctors have again said they don’t know how much longer he will live.
Mum goes between Westmead and randwick children’s hospital as her son has specialists at both hospitals. He is on anti epileptic medication as he suffers from epilepsy caused by the condition. On the 25th November he will be going to hospital for several surgeries, his recovery time is an estimated 6 week stay.
Mum runs on overdrive and the things she has been through is just unbelievable. (About a month ago her son had to have a mole removed that was cancerous but due to his upcoming surgery they could not put him under general anaesthetic because he would have reached his quota for the year, so she and her husband had to hold him during the procedure) they also have an older daughter and a 9 month old son.
Please join us in supporting this amazing family who are doing it tough. We are looking for any donations in the form of products/services that might make life a bit easier and ultimately provide some comfort and make them smile

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