Demo Shortcodes

Here is an example of the included shortcodes in this theme.

These are:

  • Google Maps: easily insert a Google Map into any page, post or sidebar widget. Comes with a nice visual editor that makes inserting maps easy. Just click the “map” icon in the editor toolbar.
  • Banner: insert a flag or brush styled banner. Banners can have a link. Just click the “banner” icon in the editor toolbar to insert a new banner onto any post or page.
  • Blog Listing: this shortcode is useful for inserting a list of recent blog posts onto any page of your website, this is mostly used on the home page.
  • Icon: choose from over 600 icons. Insert a vertical or horizontal icon banner ( these can have a title, description and clickable link). Or insert a little circle styled icon, useful for “contact us” social media buttons.
  • Line: Choose from 6 different line designs. Great for separating content.

Examples below:


 This is an example of the GOOGLE MAPS shortcode:


This is an example of the BANNER shortcode:

Flag Banner
Brush Banner


 This is an example of the BLOG POSTS shortcode:

We are currently supporting the FIRE RELIEF RUN A mixed bunch of big hearted characters providing convoy relief of supplies, labour and a lot of love to Australian bushfire impacted towns. See more at the official Facebook page here –

For the month of September we would like to put the spotlight on some father’s and make them smile. We have selected 4 fathers that we think deserve to be treated. One of these fathers will feature as our main smile box recipient, the others will receive a[…]

Ellie is an 11 year old girl who is suffering from crippling anxiety following her parent’s divorce. She has been a witness to ongoing domestic violence perpetrated by her father towards her mother. Ellie’s mother would like to see her smile again, please help us do this. You[…]

Thank you so much for the wonderful, generous, amazing and thoughtful gifts. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, words can’t express how grateful I am. May God bless you and your little helpers. Thank you so much. Love Monica

Introducing our first ever mystery box: The deserving recipient will remain anonymous until after delivery. All we will reveal is that this young mum has been doing it tough as her daughter has been in and out of hospital most of her life. Her daughter is 2 and[…]

Archie is 2 years old from Newcastle. He has been diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Myelitis and Anterior Horn cell disease. Archie spent over 100 days in the Intensive Care Unit at John Hunter Hospital since Nov 2015, and has been home approximately 5 weeks. AFM is a condition[…]

Our superhero is 4 years old, and like any boy at that age he loves super heroes. Mum received devastating news only 1 week ago… That she has an aggressive form of terminal cancer and has been given weeks to live. The form of cancer is still unknown,[…]

Brad, a son, husband, dad and avid Broncos fan has terminal brain cancer. He has undergone several surgeries, is on numerous pain killers, suffers from daily headaches and can’t work or drive. He has 3 children, Adam (7), Mila (3), Hudson (1). As you can imagine life is[…]

34 year old lady has familial dilated cardiomyopathy. She has a lap band, has had cardiac arrest over 9 times and takes over 25 tablets a day. She’s in and out of hospital. Her heart is failing and needs a transplant. She has been fighting this battle since[…]

A young lady, 33 fighting hodgkins lymphoma. She has had to leave work to start her treatment of chemotherapy. We have decided to create a very special box for this lady. A FAITH box which we hope creates many smiles. This lady has a strong faith in God,[…]



This is an example of the ICON shortcode:

Choose from over 600 icons. Choose your own icon colors. Choose from 3 icon layouts (horizontal, vertical and circle). Demo below:

Icon Title
Icon Description
Icon Title
Icon Description
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon
Vertical Icon


Circle Icons:




This is an example of the LINE shortcode:

This is the “arrow” line:

This is the “heart” line:

This is the “dash” line:

This is the “flower” line:

This is the “leaf” line:

This is the “rectangle text” spacer, insert any text you like:

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